Date : 20th to 23rd December 2022

Venue : Gachibowli Stadium Swimming Pool Complex, Hyderabad, Telangana

Swimming Federation of India is pleased to announce the 1st Open Age National Rankings (Swimming) Championship to its 2022 annual calendar. Unlike the 3 National Championships, this event will have a 2 tier (Zonal & National) structure and both Zonal & National competition’s will be conducted under the SFI banner. Zonal competition (qualification round for National event) across 5 zones will be conducted on behalf of SFI by the zonal coordination committees and National competition will be conducted by SFI.

Unlike the Senior (Open) National Championship structure, which permits top 2 entries from any given State (unit) of SFI; this competition aims to provide many more swimmers from respective states to compete at zonal level and be ranked in their event at zonal level. Zonal Ranking certificate issued by SFI aims to provide motivation to swimmers who normally would not qualify for national championship.

National Rankings Championship aims to provide opportunity to more swimmers from respective Zones to participate at national level and be ranked nationally for their respective event.

Swimming Federation of India, is also happy to announce that this event (zonal & national) is supported by FINA OASP & Dept of Sports Odisha Gov. The event will be titled

Competition Structure




Zonal Qualifiers

Course: Long Course (50M)

Age Group: Open (Born 2007 or earlier)

Entry System Zonal Round

  1. Up to 6 entries permitted per state per individual event in both genders.
  2. Individual swimmer may enter up to maximum 5 events
  3. If a state requires selection trial for any event it will be at their discretion
  4. All affiliated state units of SFI will submit to respective Zonal Coordination Committee
  5. Swimmer registered with SSCB, RSPB, All India Police Sports Control Board may submit their entry through their respective board to SFI and they will participate in the zonal qualification round applicable to their place of current posting. This is only for purposes of selection to national from the respective board. Times achieved by swimmer representing a board will be submitted to SFI by Zonal Committee and will not be considered for selection from zone where they participate
  6. Entry fee of Rs 100/- per event entered shall be paid by the State/Board to SFI
  7. Online Entries will be submitted by state units to Zonal In-Charge through SFI GMS system


  1. Zonal ranking certificate will be issued to the first six positions in each event

SFI National Open Ranking Championship 2022

Course: Long Course (50M)

Age Group: Open (Born 2007 or earlier)

Qualification System for National Ranking Championship

  1. Top 6 times (swimmers) from each event for both gendersin zonal qualification round will be selected from respective zone for National Ranking Championship
  2. If more than 4 swimmers from single state are in the top 6 for any event, then only fastest 4 swimmers of that state will be selected. Remaining 2 slots will be filled in order of faster time of swimmers from the remaining states.
  3. Forswimmers representing boards, Top 4 times for each event / gender from combined result (all zones) for swimmers representing each sports control board as received from the respective zonal committees, will be entered for National Ranking Championship as board entries.
  4. Minimum qualification time is waived for the inaugural event
  5. No entry fees if selected for National
  6. Final Entry from zone as per qualification system will be submitted online by zonal in-charge.
  7. Online entry link will be shared for this purpose.

General Rules & Conditions

  1. All events will be conducted as per FINA rules
  2. Swimmers (Athletes) registered on SFI General Management System (GMS) database and having a Unique Identification Number (UID) duly renewed for FY 2022-23 i.e., Valid UID, before last date of sending the entry will only be eligible for participation in zonal qualification and national championship
  3. Having a valid UID is an eligibility criteria and swimmers/players must qualify as per procedure mentioned in circular from his/her respective state/board under which they have registered on GMS system.
  4. Print/Digital copy of valid UID card will be carried by swimmer and presented when reporting at National Championship and when requested to do so by the officials in charge of conduct of event.
  5. A swimmer shall be allowed to enter in Maximum 5 Individual events
  6. Qualification for National Championship will be as per the qualification criteria/procedure laid down in this circular.
  7. All Swimmers will be deemed to be obligated to follow FINA rules of conduct and competition.
  8. All Swimming Events will be swum as Heats and Finals expect 400m & 800m, 1500m Freestyle
  9. Only Top 8 times swum in the Heats will progress to the Final
  10. If Swimmer fails to enter the event after acceptance of his/her entry as per qualification procedure, the member unit will be liable for penalty of Rs.500/- per event per player and the swimmer will not be permitted to participate in the rest of championships.
  11. If the swimmer qualifies for finals and fails to swim the Final, the unit will be liable for penalty of Rs.1000/- per event per swimmer and the swimmer will not be permitted to participate in the rest of championships.
  12. Withdrawal of entry will not be permitted after the “Team Manager Meeting” to be conducted before the start of the championship. Location and time the “Team Manager Meeting” will be posted on the notice board at swimming venue.
  13. Certificate reprint request due damage or loss will be charged at Rs 500/-
  14. Travel, Lodge & Board for qualification round OR National will not be provided by SFI or Zonal Coordination Committee.


  1. Medal will be awarded to top 3 in each event for both genders
  2. Ranking of swimmer for each event for 2022 will be published by SFI for top 20 swimmers and Certificates will be awarded to top 8 swimmers

All correspondence and clarification concerning SFI National Ranking Championship to be addressed to :-

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