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Get a 100% customized team brand for your swim team. Forget showing up to meets with the same suits or warmups as all the other teams. With A3 Performance Custom Team Items, there are no limitations, only opportunities. Outfit your swimmers in custom team swimsuits, custom team swimcaps, or custom team parkas. Better yet, put your team in all three for a sharp, custom team look that will stand out from every other team on the pool deck! It’s…

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BODIMAX Compression – A3 Performance

THE SCIENCE BEHIND BODIMAX TECHNOLOGY BODIMAX Technology is patent pending intelligent fabric technology that improves health, energy, and overall well-being by creating a new level of fabric-skin interaction. BODIMAX absorbs body heat emitted by the muscles and returns it to the body in the form of far infrared rays. These rays penetrate the skin and stimulate circulation, cellular metabolism, and thermoregulation. Studies prove that BODIMAX Technology increases blood microcirculation by 92% (when worn for 60 wears, 30 minute minimum…

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