Get a 100% customized team brand for your swim team. Forget showing up to meets with the same suits or warmups as all the other teams. With A3 Performance Custom Team Items, there are no limitations, only opportunities. Outfit your swimmers in custom team swimsuits, custom team swimcaps, or custom team parkas. Better yet, put your team in all three for a sharp, custom team look that will stand out from every other team on the pool deck!

It’s in our inherent nature as humans to want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, a tribe, a group, a team. Being a part of a team and a team culture leads to enhanced confidence for all team members, and thus, better performances.

A3 Performance is not just a leader in racing innovation, we’re experts in helping you look and feel like a team. Check out all of our custom team options below. From the pool deck to the pool, we have you covered head to toe in custom parkas, swim caps, and suits.


A3 Performance Custom Parkas are the perfect addition to your Team’s On Deck Apparel. The waterproof outer shell and polar fleece lining are the perfect combination to keep you warm, dry, and ready to race!

• Customize your team parkas with personalized logos and unlimited colors!

• 100% Polar Fleece Lining (available in gray or red)

• 100% Rip-Stop Polyester Outer Shell – breathable and waterproof.

• Two inside zippered pockets for your goggles, pump-up music, or phone.

• Two outer zipper pockets for easier access to your secured valuables

• Oversized Hood

• Reflective Trim on Sleeves

• Youth & Adult Sizes (YS-3XL)

• Minimum of 12 Units


Your head is your leading edge in the water and may be the most important area to reduce drag on your body. We wear high tech racing suits to reduce drag  and help us swim faster. Don’t wear a cap that creates drag and slows you down by wrinkling up on your head! A hundredth of a second makes a difference and the difference can be yours. Choose from A3 Performance’s line of Custom Swim Caps to swim better and faster.

Choose from:

• Latex Caps

• Non-wrinkle Pro Silicone Caps

• Classic Silicone Caps

• Dome Racing Caps


A3 Performance Custom Team suits are a high quality blend of polyester and extra-life lycra and they’re 100% customized with your team colors and logo!

We have four available female styles and three available male styles! Send us your creative designs or get some help and request a mock-up from us.


Build a strong team training culture with custom team meshbags. These meshbags are 18″x30″ and are big enough to fit all of your required team equipment.

Add personalization to all meshbags for a small, extra fee and prevent loss or theft of bags.

These bags are 100% custom to your team, including color matching and logo customization!


Get 100% custom, microfiber team towels for your team. Team towels are a fun way to build team culture, a unique way to keep your swimmers repping your team brand, and a great gift that all swimmers will love to use!

These towels are 140x70cm (55″ x 27.5″) of soft, quick-dry microfiber material. The one-sided print can be customized with simple team logo, a bold design, or whatever you want for your team!

Swimmers have the option of personalizing their towels as well for a small, additional fee. Names are actually added to the towel as part of the overall design!


Promote your team or event in the pool, at away competitions, at fundraisers, and more! The possibilities are endless with these custom banners.

Our most popular sizes are 3×5′ and 4×6′, but we can create any size banner to fit your needs.

These banners are lightweight, easy to travel with, and easy to clean. You’ll be able to hang your team banner for years!