BODIMAX Compression – A3 Performance


BODIMAX Technology is patent pending intelligent fabric technology that improves health, energy, and overall well-being by creating a new level of fabric-skin interaction. BODIMAX absorbs body heat emitted by the muscles and returns it to the body in the form of far infrared rays. These rays penetrate the skin and stimulate circulation, cellular metabolism, and thermoregulation. Studies prove that BODIMAX Technology increases blood microcirculation by 92% (when worn for 60 wears, 30 minute minimum wear).

Increased blood circulation and cellular metabolism increase the flow of oxygen, reduce vasoconstriction, and remove metabolic waste like lactic acid. BODIMAX facilitates and improves the absorption and utilization of oxygen in the body. This increases the production of energy by the oxidative system and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle. Therefore, BODIMAX Technology postpones muscular fatigue, discomfort, and tension, thereby delaying fatigue and enhancing performance.


BODIMAX Compression Sleeves are the first-ever aquatic compression wear. Swimmers should wear the BODIMAX Sleeves in their daily training to improve their practice performances and to maintain high levels of training for a longer period of time. Since BODIMAX Technology improves oxygen flow throughout our bodies, it also reduces lactic acid in the muscles and allows swimmers to finish practices stronger than ever before.

The BODIMAX Sleeves are great for dryland and weight training too! Dryland and weightlifting are hard on the muscles and joints. We build up a lot of lactic acid during these activities causing our muscles to tighten and fatigue. With the BODIMAX Sleeves, swimmers can keep up their rigorous weights and dryland regimes in addition to their normal swim training without delayed recovery!

Additionally, BODIMAX Sleeves can be used like most athletes use compression wear now. The numerous benefits of BODIMAX Technology never stop working on your body. Athletes can wear them before training, after training, during warmups, after racing, while you’re traveling, while you’re sleeping…every second of the day, you have the opportunity to be your best.