Zee Swim Academy Grand Prix 2022, Bangalore

Zee Swim Academy is pleased to invite swimmers of your Club/School to participate in the 1st leg of the ZSA Grand Prix 2022, on 8 October 2022 (Saturday) at

Zee Swim Academy
East No 40/123, Kumbena Agrahara, Kadugodi Post, Belathur Main Road, Bengaluru – 560067
Date: 8 October 2022 (Saturday)
Venue: Zee Swim Academy, Kadugodi, Whitefield
Warm-up: 7 am to 8:15 am
competition Session: 8:30 am onwards
Pool dimensions: 15m x 50m (6 lanes 2m each)

Eligibility to compete in the ZSA Grand Prix – 2022

Swimmers will not be allowed to take part if he/she is a medalist in an individual event at any State, Zonal, National and International meet conducted by FINA, Karnataka Swimming Association (KSA), Swimming Federation of India (SFI), School Federation/Department of Youth Services & Sports (DYSS), ICSE and CBSE boards ;ll the date of the competition.

Swimmers who have won medals in the relay events at the Zonal, National & International championships will not be allowed to take part in this meet.

Swimmers who have won medals in the relay events at the state championships are eligible to participate in this meet.

The competition will be held according to the FINA Rules.

Age groups will be held according to the Swimming Federation Of India (SFI), Karnataka Swimming Association (KSA) rules.

Entry Fees of Rs. 500.00/- for events shall be paid online at the below link.

Details of the Names of the Competitors, Date of Birth, Age Group and details of the events along with their timings is mandatory while filing nominations.

The Age Certificate duly signed by the Head of the Educational Institution “OR” First Class Magistrate “OR” Municipal Corporation must be submitted along with the nomination entries to the organisers.

Swimmers will be eligible to take part in a maximum of the 3 events.

Events will be held only on “TIME FINALS” basis.

Electronic timings system will be used during the championship.

Swimming events will be conducted with “ONE START” rule.

Decision of the Referee is Final, and the organisers shall not entertain any protests.

Last date for the submission of the entry is 4 October 2022.

Strictly no spot entries.
All the participants will receive a participation certificate.
Medals and certificates will be honored to all the winners.
Swimmers with the highest points in each group will receive Individual Championship.
The top 2 teams with the highest points will receive Overall and runners-up trophies.

For queries, please contact:
Zee Swim Academy – +91 9481624545
Sharath M Gayakwad – +91 9845341619
Email: zeeswimacademy@gmail.com
Online Registration: To be confirmed.
Club/Bulk Entries: Indian Aquatics (Link will be updated Shorty)


50 events across various age groups for both boys and girls


• GP – I Boys & Girls: 15, 16 & 17 yrs. (Born between 1/1/2005 to 31/12/2007)
• GP – II Boys & Girls: 12, 13 & 14 yrs. (Born between 1/1/2008 to 31/12/2010)
• GP – III Boys & Girls: 10 & 11 yrs. (Born between 1/1/2011 to 31/12/2012)
• GP – IV Boys & Girls: 8 & 9 yrs. (Born between 1/1/2013 to 31/12/2014)
• GP – V Boys & Girls: 7 yrs. (Born between 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2015)


(BR: Breast Stroke, BK: Back Stroke, BF Bu3er Fly, FS: Free Style, IM: Individual Medley)

I Boys & Girls50m, 100m FS100m BK100m BR100m BF200m IM
II Boys & Girls50m, 100m FS100m BK100m BR100m BF200m IM
III Boys & Girls50m, 100m FS50m BK50m BR50m BF200m IM
IV Boys & Girls50m FS50m BK50m BR50m BF
V Boys & Girls50m FS50m BK50m BR


Event NoEventsGroupGeder
1200m Individual MedleyIBOYS
2200m Individual MedleyIGIRLS
3200m Individual MedleyIIBOYS
4200m Individual MedleyIIGIRLS
5200m Individual MedleyIIIBOYS
6200m Individual MedleyIIIGIRLS
750m FreestyleIVBOYS
850m FreestyleIVGIRLS
950m FreestyleVBOYS
1050m FreestyleVGIRLS
1150m FreestyleIBOYS
1250m FreestyleIGIRLS
1350m FreestyleIIBOYS
1450m FreestyleIIGIRLS
1550m FreestyleIIIBOYS
1650m FreestyleIIIGIRLS
1750m BackstrokeIVBOYS
1850m BackstrokeIVGIRLS
1950m BackstrokeVBOYS
2050m BackstrokeVGIRLS
21100m BackstrokeIBOYS
22100m BackstrokeIGIRLS
23100m BackstrokeIIBOYS
24100m BackstrokeIIGIRLS
2550m BackstrokeIIIBOYS
2650m BackstrokeIIIGIRLS
27100m FreestyleIBOYS
28100m FreestyleIGIRLS
29100m FreestyleIIBOYS
30100m FreestyleIIGIRLS
31100m FreestyleIIIBOYS
32100m FreestyleIIIGIRLS
3350m BreaststrokeIVBOYS
3450m BreaststrokeIVGIRLS
3550m BreaststrokeVBOYS
3650m BreaststrokeVGIRLS
37100m BreaststrokeIBOYS
38100m BreaststrokeIGIRLS
39100m BreaststrokeIIBOYS
40100m BreaststrokeIIGIRLS
4150m BreaststrokeIIIBOYS
4250m BreaststrokeIIIGIRLS
4350m BreaststrokeIVBOYS
4450m BreaststrokeIVGIRLS
4550m ButterflyIBOYS
4650m ButterflyIGIRLS
47100m ButterflyIIBOYS
48100m ButterflyIIGIRLS
4950m ButterflyIIIBOYS
5050m ButterflyIIIGIRLS

*Lunch Break will be announced on the day of the competition, depending on the flow of the events.
Lunch duration will be for 30 mins.


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